Location: West End, Tortola

This morning started at 6:45 when we got up, ate breakfast and got ready for a long day. Since I was the skipper, today I went to a meeting after breakfast to know how todays race will go. They told us that we would start in Pelican Island, head to Road Harbor, tack, and then go to Great Harbor where we will finish up. After a while, the meeting ended and I told our boat the details. We started the race at 8:30 with Porter as our first helmsman. It was good at first with a second place position, however our jib sail went wrong so we ended the race in seventh place. But it was all right. After the race, we went to West End to dock for the end of the trip. On our way we started our full boat clean up. It was hard at first, but once we got near the dock, I docked us well. I went in reverse and we didn’t crash. It was a great dockage. Once we arrived, we cleaned up, packed up and went to the port. Later tonight, we will have a BBQ, which I am really excited for, but we will be leaving tomorrow. I am very sad to be leaving because I had a great time and I hope to come again next year.