Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

In today’s adventure, we had our first open water dive at Blue Chromis Reef, sailed to Savanna Bay, and had some nice free time to swim. Our morning started at 6.30am and we sailed to our very first open water dive location. During our dive, we saw a spotted moray eel and a cool Tarpin. After our dive, we quickly put all our gear away and started sailing to our new destination. While we were sailing we got to learn all about how to sail the boat and even turned the motor off and actually sailed for the first time. After all the fun we had sailing we all gathered around and played some really fun card games. Around 3.00pm we finally arrived at Savannah Bay. We all soon realized that after a long and hot sunny day it was time for a swim. That swim was probably the best swim I’ve ever had. After all the fun we settled down for an amazing cheesy Alfredo pasta, cooked by Riley and Elena.