Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

We began today by waking early to a beautiful sunrise over Savannah Bay, and after the rest of the crew had eaten breakfast we began the short sail to the Baths. Upon our approach the island appeared to be nothing more than a small pile of boulders, however, after we anchored our ship and approached on dinghies, we realized that these boulders were many times the size as anything we could have ever imagined concerning our initial observations of the island. With its enormous boulders the size of houses and office buildings, perched atop each other, forming intricate lattices of caves and passages, giving the whole island the feel of some exotic alien world. The climbing was difficult and ascending to the high points of the island required scaling rock faces and crawling through narrow corridors between the rocks. However, the beautiful vistas that we were rewarded with were well worth the efforts required to reach them. Of these vistas, one, in particular, was at a point known as the jumping rock, where one was able to leap off of the rock and land in a particularly deep area of the warm, tropical waters surrounding the island. Following this, we set sail for Spanishtown and proceeded to eat lunch in a local pavilion, and from there explored a small portion of the small but vibrant town. Following this, we left for Vixen Point and during the journey encountered a minor squall from which we emerged unscathed through the rapid dousing of sails and closing of the main hatches. Following this, we passed near the billionaire Richard Branson’s Necker Island. Following this, we proceeded to anchor next to the beach at Vixen Point, in time to cook a dinner consisting of potatoes, vegetable burgers, and some assorted greenery. All considered the day was a whirlwind trip between some unique and beautiful islands in the Caribbean.