Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

Even though the day started with a huge storm, it quickly escalated to one of those great days. We woke up around 8:30 AM to the smell of French toast cooked to perfection by Matthew. After breakfast, the squad stayed inside playing cards due to foul weather. A few rounds of Uno later, rotation day started. In groups of four, we wakeboard all over the bay. What can I say? It was awesome!!! August and I used the wake to land some pretty sick jumps. Not to mention Matthew’s skill on a slalom, simply amazing. Honestly, it was the best hour of wakeboarding of my life. Then came the theory where we learned around five essential knots for the test. After the weather cleared the Barracudas went diving and the Carinas went snorkeling in the mangroves. From what I was told the dive was amazing. They saw an octopus. In the snorkel, we saw a mini barracuda and a huge porcupine fish. We finished off with Nelson and Sam free diving with me as the water was amazing. Back to Curls, we played at the stern of the boat until the light swept away and the duties of a chef called us. The time came and Nelson, Gabe, and I put on our chef hats and prepared exquisite veggie burgers that dissolved as it entered your mouth perfectly balanced with the secret sauce. We also took 45 minutes to prepare a potato puree. The taste was out of this world and the product was the best dinner so far. This amazing day ended with a good movie and a stronger, more united squad.