Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today was one of my most highly anticipated days at AQ: race day. The day started with Eli taking me to the skipper’s meeting where we discussed the course we would be sailing. The morning race was pretty straight forward: sail directly to West End. With the help of much cheering, blue zinc war paint, and the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack, we were the third boat to arrive. Once we got to West End, we roamed around and ate lunch at the port while the boat was being refilled with water. Before we left Eli, Carly (standing as first mate) and I attended another meeting about the second race of the day. The second race was from West End to Peter Island. This race wasn’t going to be so easy. The course was straight upwind, so we had to sail in zigzags to reach the finish line. I was at the helm for the first half of the race, and then Carly took over for the second half. Right before the finish line, we snuck in front of our rival boat. So even though we weren’t first, it was still a successful day for Astrid. We had Mexican for dinner (everyone’s favorite) and after we have a sail chat in preparation for our written exams tomorrow. We’re all nervous about the exam tomorrow, but we are also really excited for the dive at the wreck of the Rhone! After the sail chat, Eli turned off the light. Then we realized that Henry was missing. Music started playing, and Henry came out of nowhere running around the boat carrying the stove lighter, supposedly imitating the Olympic torch. Julie came out with a cake with the Olympic rings and 2012 frosted on top. It was the absolute best way to celebrate the Olympics in the middle of the ocean.