Location: Underway (sailing to Monaco)

Wow. I feel like I’ve made a full circle. And I guess if you look at our job wheel I have. We’re all back at the jobs we started with, making this our 15th job, and somehow our 17th day of the trip. I can’t believe how time has flown. Today felt like a ridiculous blur, further adding to the feeling of the quickly passing days. (Honestly I’m getting anxiety thinking of saying goodbye to Argo and all of the wonderful people I’ve met.) We’re currently underway heading from Portofino to Monaco so I don’t have a willing 13 others to help me think of things to say. At 6AM Watch Team 2 was up and ready to get Argo moving towards Portofino. They took off sail covers, raised the anchors, and hoist sails. (I’m not entirely sure what was going on because I was asleep but it sounds like it was a busy two hours). Around 9:45 I, along with the rest of watch team 1, was woken up to start my watch. We lowered the sails as Argo gracefully pulled into the beautiful Portofino. I think everyone was still groggy at this point, seeing as how we were all still in PJs and rocking the bed head, but we got all of the lines coiled and learned that Portofino would be a quick stop on our way to Monaco. At 11:30 everyone was cleaned up and looking more presentable, so we loaded on to dinghies and ventured towards shore. There were many little shops and interesting things to check out. The girls split off to go shopping and eat, while the boys romped around. We had a great lunch on shore and found some delicious Gelato, finishing it all with a walk around the main harbor area. After a few hours of exploring the little town, we all jumped back on to the dinghies toward Argo and the idea of an 18-hour sail toward Monaco. We’ve now been underway for 5 hours. And after singing along to some Disney Pop everything has wound down. While some are sleeping and some watching the sunset, I’m left here to reflect on what an incredible trip this has been.