Location: The Bight, Norman Island

Today was more of a lackadaisical day compared to most of the past days that we have had as a team. We woke up bright and early to go water skiing and wakeboarding. Oliver tried kneeboarding for the first time today and was mighty successful for it being his first time. After we finished up with water sports, we then motored over to Salt Island to dive the wreck of the Rhone.; Story be told that in the 1800s the RMS Rhone was preparing to leave the British Virgin Islands and head back to England with a boat full of passengers, crew, and mail. When the storm hit, the Rhone made the decision to attempt to fair the storm out in the sea, where the boat has proved it’s self countless times before. When heading out through the Salt Island passage, the wind shifted and pushed the Rhone into a rock that was made a danger because of the size of the swells. After hitting the rock, water leaked into the boiler and the boat split into two. On the dive, we saw two tuna, three sharks, a lobster, and a multitude of other fishes. When the dive ended, we headed back to Norman islands where we made a mistake when cooking dinner and accidentally made soup instead of pasta and had a lot of dinner that night. We later wrote cards to each other and prepared for race day tomorrow.