Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

The Orka Tew crew woke up this morning to soft music from Jon’s phone and smell of eggs and bacon. The hearty breakfast would prepare us for our first dive of the day at Great Harbor Peter, which would be the first time that we went on a dive without our instructors. Meanwhile, the people on Orka Tew who are enrolled in the Dolphin program would break off from the Neptunes on our boat and did an underwater photography dive and dissected a shark. The Neptunes then split into two groups, and after making sure that everything was in order, we descended into the sea on our own. Both groups were successful in their navigation and made it back to the boat safely. Since everything went well, there’s a high chance that we will be able to do more independent dives in the coming days. The Neptunes had about two hours of free time before our second dive, in which many of us took naps or ate lunch. The second dive consisted of exploring another shipwreck called The Fearless, which sank in 1986. It was a fascinating adventure for the soon-to-be advanced divers. The large part of the ship that still remains is now home to tons of colorful sea creatures, as well as a couple of old toilets. After everyone surfaced and broke down their gear, the rest of the day just had relaxation and good food in store for us. Dinner was a full Thanksgiving setup, with everything from stuffing to cranberry sauce. To make dinner even better, we had some very adorable guests that joined us for the meal. One of the directors brought his kids, two girls aged two and four, to this session of AQ, and we were lucky enough to have them come to our version of Thanksgiving. They also joined us for our daily Squeeze session, which was accompanied by a beautiful sunset. Lastly, the day is being wrapped up with a movie night for the Orkas. As I write this, we are currently attempting to smush all fourteen of us onto the Blue Lagoon, which is the fold-out bed that is only supposed to fit about five people. Wish us luck.