Location: 36 45.1049 N 16 39.0830 Wargojuly8

Today began with Watch Team 2 working the morning shift of 8am-noon- shaking a reef in the main and set the flying jib for the first time this trip! The bowsprit looks nice and shiny without the sail folded on top. Watch Team 2, along with any brave soul who wanted breakfast enough to wake up while off watch, enjoyed a bowl of cereal on deck. For lunch at the end of that watch, everyone joined together over a hot bowl of chicken soup couscous. Watch team “TMZ” (everyone not in the marine biology course) helped out on deck after lunch for the captain’s watch, and everyone else had class below deck. After this, those without the VHF certification had a class with Kris. Around lunch, we did start the engine. However, it was not needed for long. We are still averaging 8 knots without motoring and are on a fast track to Gibraltar. Today has stayed relatively dry, with a little spray on bow watch but no rain. For dinner, the whole crew enjoyed orange chicken and cheesy broccoli, all fresh. We do eat well on Argo. Looking forward to continuing sailing with 18 knots of wind when my watch team wakes up at 8 AM for the breakfast watch. Maybe tomorrow we won’t wake up to a squid on deck like we did today.

We miss you cha-cha! And a shout out to my parents and grandparents and Ingrid and my sister! I love you guys!!