Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

After a long time at sea, we were eager to get some time on land. This morning we motored to West End and took advantage of the opportunity to trade our normal instant coffee for chai lattes and get a wonderful breakfast from Omar’s cafe. We made a trip to the grocery store, and some called home to talk to parents. We returned to the boat for more sailing and made our way to Peter Island. The sail was a great time for a mixture of contemplation, scenic speculation, and some peaceful rest. Next came an optional fun dive that was done by all who had dives the previous day. We dove the site and messed with each other with a few fin removals at the bottom as we played in the sand. Dinner was also very eventful as it involved a crew-member (who shall remain unnamed) dropping our supply of burrito meat into the ocean which led to a (partially) disappointing, planet-saving, and vegetarian Mexican Night.
God save the Queen. Goodnight.