Location: Cane Garden Bay, Tortola

This morning we motored from Sommer’s Beach, where the beach party/BBQ was held last night, to Muskmelon Bay, where we anchored two nights ago. After breakfast we started our rotation day with knot making. We then moved on to scuba diving. The Vegas did their final skills dive and are now certified. Meanwhile the Barracudas created an underwater Olympics. We took off our fin, and in the nearly weightless environment, had races, the long jump, and the high jump. Later that morning all of Tanis went to waterski and wakeboard and kneeboard. Unfortunately today was our last rotation day. After lunch we left Muskmelon Bay to get fuel and water at Cane Garden Bay, racing two other AQ boats. We won and reached 8.7 knots (0.2 knots less than our known record). Currently we are moored at Cane Garden Bay and will shortly eat, then watch a movie.