Location: Savannah Bay, Virgin Gorda

Waking up on our own boat for the first time was lovely – even though very hot. We found out that Jake is not a breakfast person (or a lunch person, as indicated by us working through to 1400).
We spent the morning clearing and tidying the various storerooms (Upper Ron’s, Lower Ron’s, Double Door Room, West Wing, Main Store, Stage); locating and delivering the various missing parts to various boats; getting rid of all the recycling and trash; docking and watering all boats; and storing every bit of equipment, food, cleaning supply and everything else that anyone could ever need.
Equipped with four zests (all parts of them, including the hulls) on our front trampoline, towing two dinghies, about to 80 packs of oatmeal, and four big jars of PB for the six of us, we motored “around the corner” for five hours, into the wind, into the waves, to Great Harbor Peter.
Before arriving, we realized the anchor locker was underneath the four zest hulls, and so was the boat hook. Thankfully, we have our trusty channel 72, and Matt brought over his boat hook.
After a very tasty Sloppy Joe dinner and a titillating conversation about parallel universes, aliens, and definitions, we put the dinghies to bed – double lined and all – restored some semblance of order to the boat, and dropped into bed.