Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today was fascinating, as are most days on Yo Dawg. It marks the ninth day in a row I have seen a jellyfish, and as such, I am overjoyed (this may only make sense to those reading this who know me-but trust me when the rest of your kids come home, they’ll know a lot more about jellyfish). We are to go on a night dive later, which will likely be fun, and earlier, we went on a dive at a shipwreck called the RMS Rhone. 160 people died when it sank, but it is now teeming with life. Bigeyes swarm beneath sponge and tunicate encrusted bridges, unresponsive to external disruption, and a large green sea turtle glides away. Innumerable sea walnuts float past, rainbow combs reflecting the water-bent light.
After exiting the water, the excitement did not end, we adventured onto Salt Island and observed the salt marshes, and I was able to reunite with some friends from other boats. Cacti were observed, and everything smelled like sulfur, salt, and sage, due to the abundance of all three. After exiting the island, humorous exploits ensued on the boat, including a reenactment of “the King Julian show.” Then, after a rousing discussion of the fate of humanity, we are soon heading on the aforementioned night dive. As such, see ya around.
– Zach 8]

Pictured: the whole group at the end of the Salt Island hike, the view from the top of Salt Island, David and Jay underwater at the Wreck of the Rhone, the turtle our group spotted during our dive