Location: Cane Garden Bay, Tortola

Today we woke up to green eggs and poppy seed muffins at Sommer’s Beach. Then we navigated through gale force winds of 5 knots and sailed to Brewer’s Bay. There we did our 3rd search and recovery dive, where we recovered Bob, the unresponsive plastic toy fish with the help of a jackstay pattern. Afterward, we motored up to Shark Point where we dove in buddy pairs through the rock caves in the site. At the sandy bottom of 75 feet, we ended up seeing a 5-foot long nurse shark. Upon ascending I scared the living crap out of Lulu by surfacing right in front of her while she was scaling the swim ladder. On Panasea’s cockpit table we saw a good looking coconut, so David and Vlad in a pranking mood decided to “borrow” it. It was fun until they decided to take a hammer to it. So now they owe them a new coconut. After, we docked in Cane Garden Bay to get supplies and to chill with other boats. Then all the guys sat in the sail back and sipped drinks it was chill. Then we undocked and anchored in the bay. We hung out on the bow playing slaps and Ninja after enjoying an awesome dinner of peanut chicken and rice. For the squeeze question, we were surprised to find out that Sam used to deal kisses for candy at the age of 6. We also learned that the most silent kid might be the most interesting according to Meg. After the slew of events, we did our DAN O2 practical exams where we were tested on administering oxygen. Tonight we will probably plan another prank, but everyone will sleep through their alarms again.