Location: West End, Tortola

Today is a sad day, not because anything bad happened. Simply because today is the last day and I have the privilege of writing the last real day blog. So I’m going to make it good. Today started bright and early, mostly because we needed to clean the boat (which had recently become pretty nasty due to multiple failures of the Caribbean triple crown, which happens to be the cinnamon challenge plus the saltine challenge plus a nice refreshing glass of maple syrup. Don’t underestimate it, people, it’s tough stuff). Anyways, after a quick spring clean (and after seeing an enormous sea turtle) it was time for a race. Yes, the final race to West End, the port we started at. So the boats lined up, and the race began!

MJ was in the lead right away! It was smooth sailing for the first half an hour, and we were leaving all the other boats in the dust (or should I say wake). But then a squall hit. Winds were blowing, and it was raining hard. At that moment we could have turned around, but the crew of MJ isn’t going down that easy! We were the only ship that kept pushing through the squall, even when everyone turned around. Yup, in my eyes we all won today. So as we come close to docking at West End, I know what the rest of the day will be like. We’ll house-keep and clean and maybe eat lunch at the port, and afterward, we’ll say goodbye to everyone at the final BBQ, and we’ll all probably shed a few tears. And we’re coming home to all of our lovely families which we missed very much. In the end, I guess this ending is kinda bittersweet. We made friends we are going to miss, but we’re excited to be coming home. So on behalf of all of us shipmates, thank you ActionQuest! We’ll be back!