Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

As the sun rose on the 10th day of our cruise, the anticipation of getting our second wreck dive was high. The last wreck dive at the famed RMS Rhone left us all with a sense of wonder about wrecks, especially the aquatic life and different reef formations. As the chefs made delicious breakfast burritos, we prepared our dive gear and relaxed for a couple of hours, playing cards, sunbathing, and catching extra sleep. Around 11:15, the other members of program Neptune began to arrive at our boat to prepare for our upcoming navigational wreck dive, and we fraternized with them until our dive at 12:45. As we descended down the anchor line and through valleys of the reef, we approached the wreck as its hulking mass materialized through the murk of the deep. Over the course of the next 30 minutes, our group explored and mapped out entrances, hazards, and features of the wreck on underwater pads. We saw a plethora of fish, coral, and anemones, which added to our existing wonder and appreciation for wrecks. Once we ascended, dried, and had a lunch of grilled cheese, we collectively relaxed and hung out for the rest of the afternoon, taking occasional swimming breaks. Around 6:10, we had a lovely Thanksgiving dinner that’s consisted of turkey, sauces, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and green bean casserole, and we enjoyed this with camp director Mike. After dinner, we enjoyed the group and personal activities, such as movie night, a squeeze, and a camaraderie building activity involving old photos. After this, we turned in for another night of restful sleep, highly anticipating tomorrow’s events and cherishing the memories of today.