Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

The day started with eggs and beef for breakfasts. After that, a group of people went to do Zesting and watersports. Because I am a little bit behind in scuba diving, I went to finish my confined water diving skills with Andy. The divemaster students went to assist the open water diving at the same time. It’s really sunny today, so we get good weather to do what we are doing. Around 10 am, I’m back to meet all Vega people. We took our open water scuba diving exam. Everyone got passed, which is super exciting news. Lunchtime, we made sandwiches. In the afternoon, we went to Tropical Oasis and did 4 hours sailing. We tried the “man overboard” and “tacking.” After that, we went back to Saleya and took showers. It was so much fun to see Sarah and Tyra doing the “full sending” jump into the water. Overall, it’s a nice day.