Location: Civitavecchia

After a long 20 hours of sailing, we finally arrived in a port outside of Rome which would be our new home for the next few days. Our new neighbors would be huge cruise ships, and industrious buildings, a sudden change from our previous locations. After arriving here, the crew gave back to Argo by doing some major boat appreciation. This included scrubbing (with toothbrushes) and slaving over the small sheets of our beds down below. I’m sure I can speak for everyone that we worked hard under the warm Italian heat, breaking a sweat and working on our tan. As a reward, the crew was granted some free time in Civitavecchia to roam the city as they please. The group split up for a bit some in search of some internet connection and a good old fashioned Mcdonald’s Big Mac, while others were in pursuit of Gelato. After a bit of walking and a lot of asking for directions, the group finally met up with this cold treat. Civitavecchia is an old town with a good mix of the old, and the new which made it so much fun to explore. We finished the day with some very interesting showers and a sail chat. Everyone is heading to bed early, as we are waking up bright and early for Rome.