Location: Monaco, France

Today was a pretty interesting day as the ActionQuest crew took on Monaco. After leaving Villefranche, it took only an hour to reach the beautiful and sparkling city. Before we entered the city however, some of us had the chance to go swimming for the last time. Once we got out of the water, we immediately sent the laundry of every crew member to be washed on shore. Once that was done we continued our way to Monaco where we had the chance to visit the Oceanographic Museum which was actually the old palace of Prince Albert I – the first leader of Monaco. While walking down the old royal halls and looking at the extravagant architecture that was before us, we learned about the old ways of hunting whales and exploring/researching the world by sea. Not only was there the museum to look at, there was even an aquarium and sharks. We were even allowed to feel their scaly skins! Once the tour of the museum was over, we explored the city on our own to see what Monaco had to offer. We had a curfew of 21:30 which meant that we had time to eat on shore. So yeah, today was a good day.