Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Our day today started earlier than normal. We woke up at 6 and were underway by 7. Surprisingly, everyone was functioning and so excited. We had the amazing opportunity to dive a shipwreck, and despite its dark history, it was filled with life. Personally, I was slightly distracted by the pretty parrotfish the majority of the time. We saw our first shark on the dive, along with a barracuda, it was so cool. Last night I got to dive alone with Kate, and we saw a spotted eagle ray, and that still might be my favorite dive just because we were not expecting to see anything at all. After our dive this morning we got to hike Salt Island, where the bodies of the people who died on the Rhone were buried. On Salt Island, we found a bunch of hermit crabs and pretty sea glass. The hike wasn’t super long, but it was the most beautiful view ever. It really hit me when we were up there that our moments together are coming to an end with our final dive completed and all of our certifications done. It’s a really strange feeling, I’m so excited to see my family and my amazing friends and boyfriend, but not waking up in the Caribbean every day is going to be strange. After the hike, we went to the boom swing on Wind Shadow, which is a rope swing off of the boat’s boom. There we were joined by several other boats, and despite the age gaps, everyone was having so much fun. After the boom swing, we sailed back to Peter Island for the night and took one of our last ocean showers together. Now Aidan and I are making breakfast for dinner, and everyone is jamming to 2000s throwbacks. The past 24 hours have been the most incredible moments of my life, and I have never felt more blessed to live in such a beautiful world with such beautiful people and home and here.