Location: The Bight, Norman Island

Waking up to rain under the bimini started the day for me. After everyone started getting up to get ready for our big dive today at the shipwreck called the Rhone. Today for my dive in my group it was Riley, Sydney, and our DM Kevin. At the wreck first thing, we saw while descending was a 3-4 ft. shark. We were so excited to see it. Then we saw a sea turtle, lots of angelfish, squirrelfish, and lots more. After the dive we went on a hike with the other boat called Sans Souci, it was very fun. After the hike we had lunch and while throwing the food into the ocean we saw lots of fish and even a barracuda. Then after lunch and swimming for a little bit, we sailed over to Norman Island where we are anchoring for the night. All the staff had a big meeting on Mike’s boat so we had the boat to ourselves, which was really fun. Trust me, nothing bad happened I promise. Tonight is our last night on actual open water, which is really sad because we are leaving in two days and nobody wants to leave. I will always remember this boat and everyone on it.