Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Once again we woke up to a beautifully sunny morning and quickly prepared breakfast, as we were excited to get to whatever our day had planned for us. While enjoying delicious cinnamon pancakes made by the chef, Izzy, and looking out at Sandy Cay with fond memories of yesterday’s activities, I was pulled aside from the group to the bow. I sat there for a while confused as to why I was pulled aside, when all of a sudden, all of the other sail side boat’s skippers and student skippers came up to Vivo Libre and joined Mitch, our skipper, and me on the bow. We were then told that today was race day! The first race was a three-mile stretch from Sandy Spit to West End, which was where we all gathered on the first day (such memories!). After being in close quarters with Mary Jewell for the lea, we ended up being too upwind from the finish line, leaving us in fourth place after Mary Jewell, Wicked Good, and Knot Guilty! I’m proud of my siblings on Knot Guilty and Mary Jewell, however, and their shipmates too, for a fantastic race and their well-deserved success! Once docked up at West End we had a filling meal together at a restaurant called Pusser’s. We were later told that the last race was disappointingly canceled due to poor weather conditions. This didn’t seem too obvious to us until it began to downpour when we were anchoring at Peter Island (I even wore a scuba mask; it was raining so hard!). We ended the day with a thoughtful Lifeworks forum on the catamaran Odyssea. All in all, it was a fast-paced and exciting day, and I can’t wait for tomorrow!