Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today we woke up pretty early to get breakfast ready. Then there was a skipper meeting at 7:30. They told us that there was a race this morning from Sandy Spit to West End. We came back and went to the starting line. Everyone started on the wavy water, and then the countdown started on the radio. We soon took the lead with the wind filling our mainsail and jib. We took the lead, but ten minutes after boats started to come near us. All of a sudden a gust of wind came, and we took a major lead. We soon raced through the rocks and won the race. We sailed to West End where we ate and shopped. Lots of people ate at Pusser’s. We went back on the boat at 12:30. We were supposed to race for a second time, but it was canceled because of the weather. We motored over to Great Harbor, and the chefs started cooking for Mexican night. We ate about 30 minutes after. After eating, Austin, Will, Jonny, and Rory tried the cinnamon challenge. Jonny was the one that finished it. We have Lifeworks tonight. Today was a great day!