Location: Sandy Spit, Green Cay

We started the morning off with a great breakfast of Nutella pancakes and Gatorade. Shortly after we headed to a mooring and thoroughly cleaned the boat. We then split into two groups of six. Group one did the sailing practical exam while the second group went over their scuba exams and corrected the mistakes. For the sailing exam, we had to tie six fairly basic knots and then it was out to the open water for sailing circles. Everyone had to sail the boat on a close haul, beam reach, broad reach, and then do a controlled jibe, go through all the points of sail again on the opposite tack, and finally end with a tack. Also, we had to tell the crew how to trim the sails with no help from Aaron. We got to Sandy Spit and did a crazy anchoring maneuver. Later that night it was off to Lifeworks, where we wrote some major goals down. Three of the goals were tangible, like owning a house, and three were intangible, like being happy in life. We ended the night with the squeeze and then just hung out for a while. Today was a great day all together, and I enjoyed all of it!