Location: Sandy Spit, Green Cay

We woke up to the sound of hard rain, and the smell of pancake batter this morning. The rain quickly passed but stayed with us throughout the day. After a delicious pancake meal that Annie helped prepare for us, the staff had a meeting at Sydney’s Peace and Love, and after that, we unrafted to attach to a mooring ball to have a briefing led by Gordo about what was going on today. Eventually, we set sail with me at the helm, along with Carly P., William, Chad, Teddy, and Arianna up on deck, and the rest of crew down below with Sara talking about diving. We went through a few maneuvers such as tacking and jibing and raising the mainsail, but also reefing it because it was a very windy day. We also practiced some man overboard drills. After lunch and more sailing, we arrived at our overnight spot, Sandy Spit, near Little Jost van Dyke. There, Sara took us to the beach to play around in the water while Gordo and Annie helped get the boat ready for dinner back on the Prosecutor. We all felt great after the beach and a nice, warm shower. So little days are left that we need to treasure every moment that we have.