Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today we started off the day listening to the best song ever (in Bud and my opinion)…” I like to move-it move-it,” along with some overstuffed breakfast burritos. A few interesting hours later, we welcomed another boat onto our humble abode to do a very messy, educational, and hilarious dissection of a sea urchin. I called mine Fred for obvious reasons. Then came my favorite time of the day…42 delicious grilled cheeses whilst our scuba tanks were being refilled. Once they were refilled, we began our journey to the ocean floor at the Great Harbor, Peter Island. We had a successful photography dive with our specialized underwater cameras. It was a very chill dive and went perfectly with the day’s mood. While dinner was being made, we all showered and worked on our fish ID workbooks that were slowly filled with some amazing drawings and some that needed a little extra tender love and care. Today on your favorite boat, Yo Dawg, we celebrated Thanksgiving with an amazing meal prepared by two very talented chefs. Then came the iconic dance party clean-up time. Even though today is almost over, I am sure that the fun will not stop until we close our eyes, which is partly because we are too busy laughing AGGRESSIVELY to stop moving and actually fall asleep on time. We are almost halfway through this crazy trip with some crazy people, and I can’t wait till the adventure of tomorrow comes.

Pictured: the group about to dissect a sea urchin; Bud in GHP; Jay dissecting his urchin; Zara, Amélie, Bud, and David with their urchin; Amélie’s drawing of a trumpetfish; the beautiful Thanksgiving dinner prepared by Alex and Whitney