Location: Sandy Spit

The day began at 7:30 this morning. We were stirred from our slumber by cackling, courtesy of Sam. He was amused by the head injury dealt with Meghann by the cabinet in their room. Then we ate oatmeal and promptly applied our flotation devices and cruised on a bearing towards the Playgrounds. Once we set anchor, the Dolphins went to Mambo while the “rescue divers in training” were tortured until our return. The Dolphins then went on their first research dive other days along with the only Neptune from Boss Lady. On our dive, we saw stingrays, squid, and sea turtle. After an acceptable amount of time, we went on our second dive with the rescue team. While Sam was fixing the generator, some of us took naps, and others played in the water. At 5:30, the boys began to scrub the bottom of our dinghy, Sumo. Now we are ending the night at a beach BBQ with the rest of the AQ team.