Location: The Patterns of a Family

Life onboard S/Y Argo is slowly sinking into familiar patterns. As with all of the other days of transit, today had no clear beginning and will have no clear end. This is due to our constant day and night watches that cover every hour onboard. Daily activities (brushing teeth, going to sail and marine biology class, showering, etc.) are fit in between the watches in such a way as to ensure that someone is always on the helm, keeping our course to the Azores as straight as possible (we are all praying for wind to speed this course). We switched back to deck showers today, each of us taking a turn under the hose. These group showers are, along with meal times, probably our best bonding activities. Cooking and sailing and studying together has brought us all closer. With each passing day, each watch, shower, and meal, we are all becoming a family. (P.S. Chance says hello to everyone at home). (P.P.S. every member of this crew says hello to friends and family).