Location: The Bight, Norman Island

As our ActionQuest experience draws to an end, my shipmates and I begin to dread our return to the reality of the real world; we begin to prepare ourselves to say goodbye but keep lasting ties. Many of us have already sworn our return to ActionQuest next summer and years to follow. We also have begun to unwind and our crew has become increasingly “energized” and wild; and although this is surely given our staff some headaches, we are all in good spirits. This morning after leaving Peter Island we made our way to Road Town for lunch and a walk around, then we set sail for Norman Island where we are to anchor for the night. After anchoring the staff departed for a meeting, leaving us alone. I will not specify what occurred below deck after that but I will say it included hair braids, fly swatters, presidents, hand sanitizer, and other random things. We did manage a hasty cleanup after our realization that the staff was returning and dinner was not even on the table. We barely finished, but not without screaming, laughing, pointing, and a lot of running around and shouting. Finally, we sat down for dinner and watched the sunset as if nothing had happened… date: Aug 13, 2017