Location: Sidney's, Jost van Dyke

This morning some of our crewmates ( Trent, Reed, Jake, Andrew, Trey, Jocelyn, Sloane) woke up bright and early (5:30 AM) to go on the annual action quest hike to the peak of Sage Mountain, the highest point in Tortola while the rest of us slept in and cleaned the boat. The hike was 7 miles long, and Trent finished first out of everyone in our group and 25th out of 120 hikers. After the hikers returned, we all went to shore and explored Cane Garden Bay, our most fun shore day yet. We got ice cream and shopped, and most importantly, stocked up on snacks. We all ate lunch at The Paradise, and Lauren, Jocelyn, and I went swimming in our clothes in the ocean with our friends from Liberty, another sail side boat. There were swings in the water to play on and jump off of. Afterward, we returned to our boat and went to Sandy Cay for a sandcastle competition with all of the action quest boats, and we placed 3rd out of 13. We made the I Lava You volcanoes from the Disney short which we recently watched in coral conservation class. To end the night, we went to Sydney’s Peace and Love BBQ. We all hung out with our friends from the other AQ boats, Bought hats and T-shirts, danced to a DJ, and watched others get cornrows, including one staff member nicknamed “Jesus” for his long hair, who has since been upgraded to “Hippie Jesus.”