Location: Sidney's, Jost Van Dyke

When our staff members told us that today would be the longest day, they weren’t exaggerating. Bright and early at six this morning our wake-up music started playing. We were dressed, fed, sunscreened, and on the dock at 7. Then we started our hike which, for the first part, was more of a crawl. We scaled up the mountains of Tortola for a good two hours. The banana smoothies and the view at the top made it all worth it. Once we reached the bottom again, we had (actual) cheeseburgers in paradise for lunch. Then we headed over to our sand-castle building competition, which we have yet to find out the winner of (even though it was us). Now we are off to a BBQ at Sydney’s Peace and Love with a reggae band until 11. I’m sure we’ll all sleep well tonight!