Location: West End, Tortola

This day, this is the one day where all of our experiences and achievements start to reflect. We are sad to leave each other but happy to move towards our futures. And I guess we are also happy to be so close to actual toilets in our homes. Today we had the Big Clean, which sounds horrible but its kinda fun! We all take about an hour to make our boat sparkle. After the Big Clean, we arrived at West End. This is where we started our journey and unfortunately where we end it. When we got done with getting all the trash off the boat, we went to the ultimate last-day BBQ! We ate nachos, burgers, and hot dogs, it was delicious! During and after the BBQ people were saying their goodbyes. This was a very sad moment. Girls were crying, guys felt bad but as we all know none of us showed it! By the end of the day, as we tried to sleep, all everyone could do is think. Think about their greatest moment, or how much they have changed as a person. Overall though, this experience is a life changer. And I will remember it always!