Location: Civitavecchia, Italy

What an amazing day! Our day had a late start for all (8 am!) as we had been on anchor last night. We were awoken to breakfast of awesome chocolaty banana bread baked by Nick and some amazing chorizo prepared by Faloon and the chef team. After a nice and quick clean up, we prepped Argo for the quick passage from Porto Ercole to Civitavecchia. We managed to sail off our anchors which is a great feat to accomplish, and it set a high note for the rest of the passage. We set sail with a reef in the main, the forward stay sail, and the jib. We were instantly making 9 knots as we plowed through the Med. We ended up completing the 30-mile passage in just over 3.5 hours! Once we pulled in to the harbor, we had to pass six massive cruise ships, and we got to see what the Costa Concordia would have looked like if she were upright because her sister ship was in the harbor. After tying Argo to the dock for the final time, we gave her a little bit of TLC as the sky opened up upon us and poured for 3 hours. Thankfully this was the only major rain we had on the trip (knock on wood for our two days in Rome). We had and amazing Italian dinner of pasta alfredo while on the dock and just before clean-up Jim briefed us on what our day in Rome will be like.