Location: St. Tropez, France

Our last night sail from Calvi, Corsica to St. Tropez, France finally gave us a taste of the sea. The three watch teams of Argo stood watch throughout the night, donned their PFD’s and headed on deck. Due to the stronger winds than we were used to, there was an abundance of soiled underwear, and there was no shortage of yacking either. However, for some of us, it was also the most sleep we had gotten since boarding the ship. I awoke bright and early around noon and joined the crew for lunch (grilled toasties courtesy of the cooks). After cleaning up the dishes, we cleaned the deck, our sleeping quarters, and the heads. I cannot put into words the joy that this boat appreciation experience brought us. Argo now shines ‘bright like a diamond.’ Afterward, we enjoyed our last shower in the sea as people tried to ‘drown’ each other. After this trip, I have faith that I won’t be able to enjoy hot freshwater showers like a normal person again. Post dinner, an apple bobbing contest took place with somewhat gruesome dishwater… The prize? Gelato. As I write this blog with Kris’ extremely bothersome blog voice by my ear, dusk is approaching, and all I can say is have a good night!