Location: West End, Tortola

In both a blink of an eye and at long last, we’ve arrived at our final day aboard Saleya. The only difference about today is that we began today as real diving professionals. For all of us, this marks our final day as ActionQuest students, and for a majority of us, this is a day that has been a long time in the making. It’s bittersweet. I can only help but think that as this chapter comes to a close in my life, I have to turn the page and start living the next chapter. Anyways, today began leisurely. We all slept in, which was much needed after our particularly early start yesterday. We began eating everything we could. With extra eggs, oatmeal, bread, cheese, leftover sausage, and cereal, we had an array of options to choose from for breakfast. After brekky, we headed to the Indians, a shallow but robust dive site. Here we had a fun dive and saw plenty of trumpetfish, a few squids, and lots of smaller reef fish. Following the dive, we started everyone’s favorite day of the program: boat appreciation day! This entails a massive and in-depth deep clean of this lovely vessel that has been our home for the past three weeks. Once we passed a boat inspection, we had a bit of shore time before our Barbecue at West End to celebrate the closing program. To all my shipmates, it has been marvelous sailing and diving with y’all by my side these past weeks. You can catch me standing by on 7-2. 🙂