Location: West End, Tortola

The last day on the Soul Cafe. Today is race day as well as the last. We began our morning getting prepared for the race. All the skippers had a meeting before it started. Once it was time, we all got ready and set sail. The course was from the Bight to Road Town and then back to Great Harbor. We all had a lot of fun taking turns managing the helm. The race was about two hours. After the race was over, we had to start our intense boat clean. We washed every dish and wiped every part of the boat possible. We cleared all the cabinets and washed all the floors. As we arrived at West End, we spotted a dolphin. That was the first dolphin I’ve seen in my life besides a zoo or an aquarium. When we docked, we resumed our clean. It took three times for Caribbean Soul to pass boat inspection, but we got there. It was extremely hectic. We got three hours at the port, having lunch and more shopping. Our last BBQ is tonight, and we are already packed for our departures tomorrow. I’ve had the best summer experience, and I’ll miss everyone that I’ve met.