Location: West End, Tortola

We woke up to the smell of oatmeal filling the boat. Exited to eat, everyone got up as quickly as ever. Then as we were finishing up, the staff told us about a boat race upcoming later on in the day. Knowing we would go up against advanced sailors and sea Señora being fairly new to sailing, it was a slim-to-none chance of us winning. As the race started with an explosive start, Odin II started with a pretty aggressive lead. Breakaway with a close second, Sea Señora with a third, but closing in on the other two. And shape up with a far behind fourth. As we neared the second half of the race, we easily passed Breakaway, putting us as a close second. Towards the end, with only 15 minutes to spare, Sea Señora passed Odin II, winning by only a few feet. In the end, we were able to beat even the advanced sailors. Towards the end of the day, we were able to end the day with an explosive barbecue, making this day the best by far.