Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Hey everyone! Today was a great day; we all got to sleep in till 7! That’s still pretty early, so a lot of people took naps while Jon sailed the boat. We were the first to arrive at the dive site, so the Dolphin group worked on our fish drawing while waiting for the other boats. Izzy showed us how to use a transact and a quadrant to determine the number of macroalgae covering the coral reefs. Everyone was super hungry after the dive, so Jon and Mara made us grilled cheeses and had a grilled cheese battle. ( Don’t tell Jon but I think Mara’s grilled cheese reigns supreme) A little bit later, we went turtle tagging and got pulled behind the boat with our snorkel gear to try and find sea turtles. We were not able to find any turtles 🙁 For dinner, we had a burrito buffet that Katie P. and Makayla made, they did an awesome job! And to end off the night we tied up with the other boats and learned how to make monkey fists and bracelets. Overall it was an amazing day on the Orka Tew!