Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today we started off our very full day at 7, and we were out on the water by eight sailing to our first dive site of the day, the Rhone. The Dolphins used this dive as our second underwater photo dive, and the Neptunes went on their first wreck dive. After a great dive, we motored over to Salt Island where we had lunch and went on a hike with the rest of the dive side. Once back on the boat, we set sail back to GHP, where we snorkeled around the boat prepping for our second night dive. Once we all got back to the boat, we took turns skiing around the cove. Then our first mate Ben started the tri-nation jumping contest. The teams were GB (Chris and Mike), Canada (Adam and Hannah), and USA (Ben and Robby). They competed to see who could have the best jump into the water. USA won the contest thanks to Ben’s belly-flop, which scored a 10. We just finished up a great dinner of chicken Caesar salad and are now setting up our dive gear and are getting into the water for our night dive!