Location: Sommer's Beach, Tortola

Our hectic day began with warm scrambled eggs and delicious lemon muffins. After cleaning dishes and tidying up the deck, we began our journey to the Chikuzen. During the sail, we got drenched by strong waves. We were surprised when we reached our destination, the middle of nowhere, open water, with even stronger currents. Some of us got seasick; therefore we were desperate to jump in. Finally, we entered our underwater world. There was a huge school of fish that welcomed us. Parrotfish, four eye butterfly fish, snappers, barracudas amused us during our wonderful dive. When we had to say goodbye to paradise, a beautiful spotted eagle ray came across our way. Hundreds of moon jellies took control of the water, so we had to leave earlier. Coming out of the water was the hardest, most difficult challenge so far. Immense waves were playing with our boat, so it was really scary to get in. Thankfully no one got smacked by the swinging boat. What began as an entertainment ended up as a disaster. While we were having endless fun earlier with the waves, a hatch was left open, and the boy’s cabin was completely flooded. To end our unforgettable day, every single person from dive side and sail side had juicy burgers at the beach.