Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

Today we sailed the most out of any day so far. We started the morning with french toast cooked by our French guy. Then we set sail to Anegada. I sailed the way there, and the ride was tilted the majority of the trip. When we arrived, we got a real-life view of what inspires the Microsoft screensaver picture takers to capture their breathtaking shots. As we swam in the sea-foam water, we saw two stingrays jump out of the sea. Sarah let out a yell that led to my panic thinking there was a shark. It is never a good idea to yell in the ocean. When we were finished with our ultimate frisbee games and swimming at the beach, we headed back to the boats where we had lunch. JB made the most disturbing sandwich most of us had ever seen (bread, jelly, Pringles, cheese, PB, goldfish, baked beans, and more jelly). Also, Chris managed to devour a good pound of beans. Once we finished lunch we set sail for Gorda Sound, where driving backward was a new skill that was good to laugh at! all in all, we had a fabulous day.