Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

We woke up and had a talk in the sun for 45 minutes. Then we ate breakfast and got ready to sail to our next destination. The drive was pretty long, but we had fun by getting splashed by big waves. When we got to our destination we prepared the anchor and let it sink. We got our bathing suits on and jumped in. Once we got in, the water was warm and really clear. Then it was time for the 6 lap around the boat swim test. We all thankfully passed. Then we did the float test for ten minutes and again, we all passed. Then we swam, jumped off the boat, then we showered and changed into dry clothes and ate dinner that consisted of Sloppy Joe’s, mashed potatoes, and yummy corn. Then we did our daily squeeze. We had an amazing day today and we are super excited to dive tomorrow! date:Jul 31, 2017