Location: Sandy Spit

We had an early start on Panasea as we had a search and recovery practical dive searching for a “missing” anchor with a team of 14 of us. We located the anchor in about ten minutes. Once we accomplished this task we set sail to a dive site called the Playgrounds. Before we could start setting up, we were disturbed by a panicked diver in the water, which turned out to be our first scenario. We all went into action, set up gear, put on masks and snorkels, and watched the diver while keeping a look out for bubbles of other potential divers. There turned out to be two other divers in the water but they were fine. After the madness ended we dived the Playgrounds. One group saw a turtle and another saw a sting ray. Then we had some beach time and all got to hang out there. It was a really fun time. Your friend, your family, your skipper.