Location: The Bight, Norman Island

Dear Parents, Family and Friends, Today was our first full day with AQ! We are all so excited for this new journey to begin. We all got up at 6am and ate breakfast before meeting with Mike about the program. Once Mike’s presentation had concluded, we took the boat and led the fleet to the caves for snorkeling and lunch. Everybody grabbed their fins and masks before venturing into the caves. The water was clear and the sky was blue, everyone enjoyed the moment with the fishes. Then several boats joined us for the snorkeling and we got to meet new people and make new friends and cant wait to see them again. Finally, we took our first ocean shower before sailing to The Bight to sleep for the night. We cant wait for tomorrow and everyday for the next 3 weeks.Thank you so much for the opportunity you guys gave us to have so much fun. Good night!