Location: The Bight, Norman Island

The last real day started off like any other day, but we could all tell there was something we couldn’t quite put into words. The divemasters woke up extra early to participate in a rescue scenario on Two Ghosts. Luckily they were both saved in the end. While that was happening pancakes were being made, and the Vegas/Aquarius students were studying for their sailing exam. The divemasters were already in the water working on their own rescue scenarios as well as skin diving skills. After, the divemasters finished their last bit of in the water work. Once they were done, everyone headed over to Road Town for a few hours on shore, and we all ate at a local restaurant called Pusser’s. Right now we’re at Norman Island getting our final ocean shower for the trip in before we head home. The divemasters took their final test, and then cooking started for dinner. We hung out and shared our second to last night together, knowing our time in paradise is almost over. Today started the long list of lasts we are sharing. Our last ocean showers, our last night cooking together, our last night sleeping out on the open ocean. But even as everything closes, we still continue to keep learning and making the most of our time here.