Location: West End, Tortola

Today we started off waking up at 7 am and got to eating breakfast which was some cereal and oatmeal. Then we cleaned up and got ready for race day. We all put on face paint and set up the mainsail. Then all 4 of the catamarans, including us, lined up, and then the race began. We started off with unfurling the jib. One boat got out pretty faster than the other three, but we caught up and were in 1st place for a little bit. Then another boat, Liberty, decided to show off and caught wind and got a huge lead. Liberty stayed in the first place the rest of the time, but we got second place which we were proud of. We then all started packing and cleaning up the boat, which was really sad. For lunch, we ordered pizza from a restaurant on land called Pussers. Then we swam in the ocean for a little bit, and we then ocean-showered for the last time. Then we cut up the action quest flag, and all wrote our notes on each other’s piece. After that, we all got dressed for dinner and had our takeout barbecue. After dinner, we shared some memories from the boat together, which was funny and sad at the same time. Then we got our booklets for sail and diving that meant we were certified. After we all got ready for bed and talked about some more memories. Then we prepared for the dreadful feeling of leaving tomorrow for the airport. This is Kokamo signing out.