Location: West End, Tortola

Today is our final full day at sea. We all woke up at 7 am sharp to get ready for our day. We had our last dive at the Indians and saw some cool reefs. We saw some trumpet fish, skates, and small fish. It was a beautiful relaxing morning and we took in every minute. After our dive, we had to pack our bags and clean the whole ship. We blasted our music and cleaned every nook and cranny. We are currently unloading the ship so Jon can take the boat back to Moorings early tomorrow morning. We have our BBQ with everyone from AQ. We’re all pretty sad that we’re leaving tomorrow because we had so much fun being together. We won’t be getting much sleep tonight since it’s our last night together. Every moment I have spent with these people has been absolutely amazing. It has been an outstanding trip and I can’t believe how fast the time has gone. I wish we all had more time here, but I know for sure that the friendships I made here will last a lifetime. I hate saying goodbyes so I will just say “see you later”instead. So see you later Orka Tew, I hope to see you again soon. XO