Location: West End, Tortola

It was a sad yet exciting day on board Salsa this morning. We had a later breakfast of oatmeal and cereal before Jake and I had to go to a skipper’s meeting on Mike’s boat in preparation for our final race. As soon as we got back everyone was pretty much all ready to line up. We started he race right outside Norman Island, between Pelican Island. I tried steering for a little bit, but ended up working the main sheet. I love when the boat heels so much that you feel like you’re jut about to tip over. We sailed over to Road Town and tacked around and headed back to Peter Island. We ended up in second to last, but we tried our best considering a portion of our rigging broke a couple of days ago. We are currently packing and cleaning the boat while on our way back to West End. It is sad that we all have get ready to go home, but we are still having fun with loud music and singing. This trip has been such an amazing experience and I think I could speak for our whole crew in that sense. Three weeks ago everyone here was just a stranger and now we feel like a family. While its unfortunate that people on this boat live all over the U.S., and even all of the world, we will always have Salsa in common. And remember, its not bout the destination, its about the journey.