Location: West End, Tortola

Wow. What can I say? Today was the last real day of living aboard Steady. These past 20 days have gone by incredibly fast, and I am so glad I came. Today we were woken up to the song “The Final Countdown” by Foreigner, then started off the morning with both cereal and oatmeal. As we were cleaning up, as the skipper I was dinghied to another boat for the briefing on the day’s race. We started off the race with all the boats and at one point we came into second place, with a top speed of 8 knots. However, by the end of the race, we had slipped behind and finished in 6th place. We then ate PBandJ for lunch underway as we motored to West End, where we first started the program on day one. As I am writing this we have just docked and we are doing a full clean of the boat. After the clean we may potentially have some shore time, then well gather as a fleet for the final barbecue with Mike, closing up the program. Thank you to my crewmates for making this trip so fun. Thank you to all the staff for guiding and organizing the program. Not only will we walk away with sailing and diving certifications, but I think we will also walk away with new mindsets, goals, and friendships. It has been an incredible three weeks.