Location: West End, Tortola

Our last day in the BVIs was once again a blast. We began at 7 am and got ready quickly for our race against the other monohulls of the AQ fleet. We started our race at 7:40, blasting Pirates of the Caribbean music as we crossed the starting line. We blasted great tunes as we headed to round a mark near Road Town. We rounded the mark in first place, and it wasn’t until we were within a few hundred meters of the finish line that another boat beat us by a boat length. Even though we got second place, it was still such a blast as we danced and sang together. After the race, we sailed towards West End and began “Boat Appreciation.” Little did we know, that meant cleaning every corner of the boat. We cleaned every cabin, head, the galley, all the dishes and drawers, and more. We got to West End, filled the water tanks on the dock, and then grabbed a mooring ball. We began our relaxing afternoon as we finished up snacks, finished packing, read, played cards, and napped. We also ordered pizzas from Omar’s and got them nicely delivered by staff like Uber Eats! We swam later in the afternoon and completed it with our last saltwater shower of the session. We had a modified BBQ at Pusser’s, where we brought food back to the boat to eat. We spent our final night together, chatting and cutting up our AQ flag. It has truly been an amazing trip, and we can’t believe our time in the BVIs is finally coming to a close. Odin II was filled with an amazing crew of shipmates and staff, and our experiences are great enough to last a lifetime. Odin II forever <3